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SUVs vs. Sedans

Sedan and SUV Inventory

SUVs vs. Sedans

When it comes time to shop for a vehicle, you might wonder whether you should get a sedan or an SUV, but don't worry. You can explore both options through our used inventory at Lincoln Township Motors, and you can take a test drive of various models to find the best fit for your lifestyle and needs.

Fuel Economy Comparison

You can find many different SUVs with various engine options that cater to performance or fuel economy, so choosing the SUV type and capability you require can alter its fuel consumption. For example, an SUV with a V8 engine, body-on-frame chassis, and a sizable towing capacity can mean lower fuel economy.
Sedans can also be performance- or fuel-economy-oriented, but they tend to get better fuel economy ratings than SUVs due to their smaller build and lighter weight. Not to mention, sedans have lower air resistance, further assisting in lower fuel consumption.

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Comfort & Convience Comparison

SUV models typically have softer suspension that increases comfort and a large cabin with many convenience offerings. Typically, smaller SUVs come standard with many climate control features, while larger models feature luxurious materials and features.
Sedan models can also have a comfortable suspension, but bumps can be felt more with a sedan due to the lower ride height and shorter tire sidewall. However, you can find full-size sedans built for luxury, featuring a very smooth and quiet ride quality.

Lifestyle Comparison

An SUV is usually a great choice for expanding families, and you can find models ranging in size to accommodate various seating needs. The driver can enjoy a higher seating position, and the rear cargo space is typically larger to hold various sized items.
On the other hand, sedans are perfect for small families or new drivers, as they are smaller, making them easy to drive and park. You can find sedans in various sizes as well, but they typically have a maximum seating capacity of five occupants.


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If you are looking for a used vehicle and having trouble making up your mind about purchasing an SUV or a sedan, contact us. Our experts will happily present you with the options we have available in our used inventory, and they can match you with the model that fits your needs best.