Warranty for Used Vehicle

Warranty For Your Used Vehicle

To find the best vehicles at the most competitive prices in Beamsville, Ontario, we invite you to browse through our new inventory. We also extend our numerous services to Grimbsy, Niagara, Lincoln, St Catharines, Burlington, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek. When purchasing a vehicle, you can always inquire about the remaining original manufacture's warranty or buy an extended warranty for further coverage.

Benefits Of A Used Vehicle Warranty

Getting a warranty for a used vehicle is the easiest way to get peace of mind knowing that you will have predictable vehicle expenses during your ownership. Many different coverages are available that also come with additional services such as roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and tire and rim warranty. With an extended warranty, you can keep your vehicle functioning at its best, and typically those warranties are transferable, allowing you to get the best resale value.

Extended Used Vehicle Warranty Coverages

When opting for an extended used vehicle warranty coverage, you will find multiple plans available to cater to your specific needs. The warranty coverages vary in length and mileage allowances, giving you the coverage that you see as the best fit for your situation. Also, there are different tiers of coverages, with the most basic being the extended powertrain coverage. However, you can opt for more comprehensive coverages that can extend to bumper-to-bumper coverages. As for price, it will depend on your choices for length and mileage, tier coverage, and the deductible amount. If you want to have lower monthly payments, you can raise your deductible amount, but when you need to file a claim, be prepared to be responsible for a higher portion of the repair cost.

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If you are interested in getting more information about used vehicle warranties, make sure to contact us. Our Finance Centre is available to provide you with the financing options you need to purchase your desired vehicle. They can also estimate your current vehicle's trade-in value, giving you further savings during your purchase.

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