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Fleet Program

Lincoln Township Motors
Fleet Maintenance Program

Our Fleet Management Program can be tailored to provide the level of support you need. Our dedicated team can develop, manage and executea strategic plan, helping you save time and money.

Here at Lincoln Township Motors, we would make your fleet the priority and save you the headache of managing the maintenance for your fleet.
Every breakdown, vehicle repair and routine maintenance visit takes your valuable vehicle assets off the road. The sooner your drivers and vehicles can get back up and running, the better.

Without standardized processes for finding and fixing issues, maintenance and repairs costs skyrocket because now most issues go unnoticed until they have already developed into expensive repairs. For example, missing a few oil changes can lead to the need to rebuild or replace an engine. With our Fleet Management, every time your vehicle comes into our shop for maintenance, we will perform a multi-point inspection to catch and avoid costly repairs.

Attached is an example of our Multi-Point Inspection Report Card.


Let us do the work for you.

Our comprehensive program will help track your vehicle maintenance and needs. We will provide reminders either via email or text for your next preventative maintenance appointment. By entrusting Lincoln Township Motors to do what we do best, enables you to focus on what you do best.


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