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When Should You Swap Your Winter Tires?

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How Do You Know When Should You Swap Your Winter Tires?

When the weather gets warmer and snow becomes rain, that's your sign that spring is finally here. With the temperature changes and warmer seasons ahead, changing your winter tires over to all-seasons or performance (summer) tires is essential. But do you know when the best time to do it is? No magic date dictates the perfect time to change your tires, but there is a magic temperature. When the temperatures remain consistently at or above 7 degrees Celsius, you should plan to swap out your winter tires.

Why is it Important to Change Winter Tires?

It is essential to change your winter tires when the weather gets warmer for many reasons. The first and arguably the most important reason is safety. Winter tires are designed for high performance in cold, snowy, and icy conditions. Winter tires are made with a soft rubber that is great for cold temperatures but can wear down and deteriorate quickly in warm and hot temperatures. This can lead to less traction during the spring and summer months and decrease the longevity of your tires exponentially.

You might think that leaving the winter tires on your vehicle all year round may save you some money rather than having two sets, but this isn't the case. With the decreased longevity of the tires once used in warm weather conditions, you would need to buy a new set quicker, leading to more money being wasted in the long run. All-season and all-weather tires can be used in mild to moderately cold conditions, but winter tires are recommended for harsh, cold Canadian winters.

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