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When Are Your Car Repairs Covered by Car Insurance?

When Are Your Car Repairs Covered by Car Insurance?

Insurance coverage often pays for car repairs after an accident. Plus, other damages caused by hailstorms, vandalism, or theft. It can be daunting to understand which coverage protects against particular damages. There are options between mandatory and comprehensive coverage. This also includes insurance protection for repair costs and routine car maintenance for your vehicle.


While these policies are mandatory, most insurers cover the majority of vehicle parts. These include engine parts, power systems, drivetrain repairs, transmission, exhaust, and brakes. However, some coverage options might pay for car maintenance, too. So, when does car insurance cover your car repairs? Let’s find out below.


What Repairs Will Car Insurance Cover?


Your auto insurance policy covers repairs after a car accident or events based on who caused the accident. The type of coverage also depends on the damage and other elements. These include:


    • Minimum coverage policy
      Also referred to as liability coverage. It involves payment to cover car repairs resulting from an accident. If the other driver caused the crash, their insurance policy will pay for the damage.


  • Full coverage policy
    This involves both liability coverage and add-on coverage, covering damages to your vehicle. It entails collision insurance to cover car repairs after an accident. Plus, coverage for repairs after an event like a fire or other natural disaster.


Car Repair Insurance Covers Mechanical Breakdowns


Insurance companies provide an alternative option to cover your vehicle against repairs. This policy only pays for mechanical problems like timing belts and a new transmission system. It excludes wear-and-tear repairs such as replacing brake pads, spark plugs, and windshield wipers. While some coverages can pay for certain parts, other warranties cover more types of repairs.


However, auto repair insurance policies are available for vehicles that meet specific requirements. For instance, owners must include Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) through their insurance providers. The policy also mandates drivers to receive a car service contract from a third party. Plus, a manufacturer warranty from the dealer to become eligible.


Additional Coverage for Car Repairs


Almost all insurance providers have add-on policies. These add-ons cover various costs related to car repairs. These are some optional coverages you can include in your cover:


    • Roadside assistance
      This policy add-on can pay for certain repairs when stuck on the road. It includes jump-starting a dead battery, changing a flat tire, or getting a tow truck.


  • Rental car reimbursement insurance
    This optional cover helps pay for rental vehicle costs. This only applies during your vehicle repairs after an accident or an event that led to the damage.


Most car insurance companies provide add-on coverage to cover damage outside your control. This may include hitting an animal and road damage. But, the insurer will only pay after ascertaining the events leading to the crash.


Does Car Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Damage?


Pre-existing damage involves damages your vehicle had before buying an insurance cover. Insurance policies often deny coverage of such damages. It’s difficult to determine who caused the accident or events that led to the damage. Providers aren’t required to cover damages that occurred before purchasing their coverage.


Some insurance companies may cover pre-existing damages. But this will come with increased policy costs. Such instances may increase the average policy rates and affect your future claims. Also, you must notify your insurance company about any pre-existing damages before buying the coverage.


Should You Get Auto Repair Insurance?


Car insurance policies provide the most affordable way to pay for repairs after accidents or other damages. With auto repair insurance, you can secure your vehicle damages. It’ll cover repairs for car parts, as well as some maintenance. Plus, it makes it cheaper and more convenient in the long run. Contact us at Lincoln Township Motors in Beamsville, ON, today to learn more.

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