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Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

General Vehicle Maintenance

Once you purchase a vehicle from our new inventory, you must keep up with its maintenance to enjoy its comfortable and luxurious ride for years to come. However, if you are currently driving a vehicle that isn't suitable for your needs anymore, you can speak to our Finance Centre to explore the available financing options for your situation. Regardless of what your automotive needs might be, we at Lincoln Township Motors will go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

Why Is General Vehicle Maintenance Important & Its Benefits

It's essential to keep up with the general maintenance of your vehicle to keep it running safely and properly. Many components require regular maintenance, and if you neglect to perform the needed work in time, it can become a more expensive repair in the long run. Instead of leaving maintenance items unattended to become repairs, you will want to take the proactive approach. There are many benefits to keeping up with maintenance, such as avoiding breakdowns on the side of the road, enjoying a smooth and quiet ride, and maintaining the best fuel economy possible. Some of the most common maintenance items are the following:

Tire Rotation

Getting your tires rotated regularly is a great way to evenly wear out your tire set so that you can get the most driving while having adequate tread depth for optimal traction. Also, while performing a tire rotation, an expert will have the chance to examine your tires' condition and tread depth, allowing you to know when to expect to need new tires.

Winter Tires

Using winter tires during the winter months is important because it provides the best traction, and it lets you get the most driving from both your winter and summer sets of tires.

Engine Tune-Ups

Having your engine tuned up is a great way to maintain its performance and efficiency. A healthy running engine is less likely to accumulate carbon build-up, a major cause of reduced fuel economy and premature component failure.

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If you have any questions about vehicle maintenance or any concerns, make sure to contact us. We can help you estimate your current vehicle's trade-in value, giving you a better idea of when it's a good time to switch to a newer model.

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