How Often Should You Change Engine Oil?

Oil Change in Stratford, Ontario

At Lincoln Township Motors, we strive to help our customers enjoy an effortless ownership experience, and we do so by making available loads of automotive services to support their various needs. Oil changes are a routine service that every vehicle requires, and although it is simple, sometimes it can be overlooked. Make sure to follow the manufacture's suggested oil change intervals and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Importance Of Regular Oil Changes

Oil changes are a very important service that keeps your engine's internal components lubricated and prevents the engine temperatures from rising above the normal operating temperatures. As oil degrades over time and kilometres, it starts to turn into carbon build-up and sludge inside the engine, causing the engine's lubrication to worsen and cause a lower oil pressure. Keeping up with the specified oil change intervals for your vehicle will allow you to keep your engine healthy for many more years to come.

Oil Change Intervals For Older Vehicles

For older vehicles, oil changes are usually based on mileage and time, with two schedules being available depending on the driving conditions. The two schedules are for normal driving and severe service. What is considered severe service is when your vehicle undergoes primary short trips of around 5 kilometres or less, extreme weather climate, regular stop-and-go driving, and hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer.

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