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Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Next Used Car

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Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Next Used Car

Used cars usually come with some issues from their original owners. For example, you might need to replace the engine or get a new set of tires. That's why it is crucial to find out the history of the used car by asking several questions, giving you a clear understanding of the current status of the used vehicle you are planning to purchase.

Did the car have regular oil changes?

This question is one of the critical questions you should ask the dealer when purchasing a used car in Canada. Every vehicle requires an oil change after a certain period. That's why you should insist on finding out if the previous owner did regular oil changes or have an inspection to get an idea of the engine's condition and if it seems to have been appropriately maintained.

Has anything on the car ever been replaced or updated?

Certain parts of a vehicle will require replacement a few years down the line after purchase. If the owner doesn't update or replace such parts, then the quality and performance of that vehicle will be less than ideal. Besides, you need to know if the replaced parts were genuine replacement parts or aftermarket. Non-original parts tend to perform worse than OEM parts, and in some cases, they can damage other components.

What's the vehicle's history?

Before purchasing a used car, ensure you know well about its history. The dealer should assist you with all relevant information regarding the car's history, including reports and accident history. The vehicle's history will help you understand if it has ever been involved in a serious accident or suffered any damage that may have compromised its overall quality.

What are the terms of the warranty?

Knowing the terms of the warranty included is always a good idea to avoid mishaps down the road or paying another shop to perform a service that's covered under warranty.

Is there an extended warranty available?

It is also essential to determine if the dealer offers an extended warranty before committing to purchase a used car.

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