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Maintenance Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Used Car

Maintenance Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Used Car

Regular maintenance can improve a car's longevity and keep its performance at peak condition. If you're planning to resell your car or trade it in when purchasing a new vehicle, there are a few maintenance steps you should take. With these steps, you can easily optimize your return.


Know Your Vehicle

A car is something that loses value the moment it leaves the dealership. However, different models and manufacturers lose value at different speeds. As such, picking a car with a higher resale value later can be a significant preparatory step for anyone to take. Before you buy or sell, research to see which models retain most of their value and what you might expect if you have to resell that car.


Keep Maintenance Records

Maintenance records are a helpful tool when selling your car or trading it in, as the logs serve as proof of maintenance. Many new vehicles come with a service plan that requires maintenance to be done for a set amount of time by a verified technician.


While it can sometimes be the costlier option, visiting an official mechanic ensures a higher resale value due to their expertise on your car. A Vehicle History Report will also prove that the car is damage free or that any damage has been properly fixed. 


Prevent Rust at All-Costs

Rust is dangerous for vehicles, primarily when heavy rust is found. However, even the slightest hint of rust can impact the value of your car. Rust can cause expensive and costly issues even before resale if the problem grows. Take the time to have your vehicle treated for rust prevention, which inhibits corrosion. These treatments must be performed yearly to ensure your car doesn't build up rust.


Do Your Own Inspection

Dealers will perform an inspection on your car before taking it. Known as the pre-purchase inspection, various tools are used to ensure your car doesn't have issues that’ll later become someone else's. Even buyers will perform similar checks to ensure that the car works efficiently.


A mechanic can perform a check during your following oil change. The process often takes around half an hour, and can inform you of any details that need fixing before you sell or trade the model in.


Perform Maintenance and Checks Frequently

Regular maintenance is necessary for cars; ensuring that the oil is clean and topped up goes a long way. Other areas that need constant vigilance are your brakes which may leak, stretch, or wear out. Your car's manual should list everything you need to know about performing regular maintenance.


A Perfect Option Before Your Next Car

Performing checks and maintenance is a great way to get more value in your car. Lincoln Township Motors offers great trade-in deals and financing plans, with higher offers for vehicles in better cognition.

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