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How To Maintain Your Used BMW To Run Like New

How To Maintain Your Used BMW To Run Like New

How To Maintain Your Used BMW To Run Like New

Your BMW is a premium vehicle, but you should still pay attention to its maintenance. You may view maintenance as too time-consuming in your busy schedule, but consider the alternative to looking after your car, and you'll find that maintenance will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

Your pocket will thank you for getting into the habit of regularly maintaining your BMW. You may have a tight budget, a busy life, or family commitments, but all of those may go out of the window if you neglect to make an appointment for regular services.

According to Transport Canada, in 2021, poorly maintained vehicles accounted for 4.1% of motor vehicle accidents. Potentially saving money and protecting your family are excellent reasons for ensuring your BMW is always in good and well-maintained condition.

Pointers To Good Maintenance

As BMWs are premium cars, the cost of extensive repairs can be extreme. Replacement or rebuilding engines, transmissions, and other major components can cost thousands of dollars.

BMW's Recommended Service Intervals

This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your BMW remains in excellent condition and retains a high resale value. There would have been a service book with the car's papers when you bought your vehicle, containing the schedule of services. If you need this book, contact your nearest BMW dealer, and they'll assist with getting you a book and explaining the service schedules.

These regular services will ensure that the fluids are regularly changed, filters are replaced, and more complex tasks are undertaken at the correct intervals. This maintenance ensures that oils, coolant, and filters are periodically changed to extend engine life. 

Regularly Look At Your Dashboard Lights

Make a habit of regularly casting an eye over your dashboard, and if a warning light comes on, do not ignore it. These warning lights are there to alert you that something is not working correctly. An explanation of the warning lights is in your driver's manual, but taking the car to your closest BMW workshop for a check-up is a good idea.

Monthly Fluids and Battery Check

Having your BMW serviced according to the maintenance schedule shouldn’t mean ignoring the fluid levels between the services. At least once a month, make a point of checking the fluid level in your car. 

Look over the battery while the hood is open for your fluids check. If there’s any buildup on the terminals, gently clean them with a mixture of baking soda and water. Also, make sure that the cable clamps are tight. If your battery is three years or older, ask for it to be tested to ensure it works optimally.

Buying Fuels

Buy from a reputable dealer where the pumps are accurate and regularly maintained, and the fuel is passed through a filter before being pumped into your tank. This prevents dirt from entering your fuel system. 

Tire Maintenance

These four small rubber patches are the only connection between your car and the road, so your tires are vital to the vehicle. Regularly check to ensure they're correctly inflated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Look over the tire to check for damage or bulges, and measure the tread depth to ensure it's within recommended limits. 

Wheels should be regularly rotated to ensure even tire wear. Driving wheels will wear faster than non-driving wheels; high-speed cornering, harsh acceleration or braking, incorrect inflation, and poor alignment will all cause wear on tires.

Cleanliness and Shelter

Road dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and dust will all damage your car's paintwork. Get your BMW regularly washed to keep the paintwork pristine and prevent scratches. Another killer for your paintwork and interior is the sun. Keep your car under cover or park in the shade wherever possible to avoid sun damage to the paint and dashboard.

It's Clear That Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Repairs

Regular maintenance is vital to keep your BMW running smoothly. Follow BMW's recommendations and make time to do your own checks. Doing this will extend your vehicle's life and ensure its resale value is maintained. Make an appointment with the Lincoln Township Motors workshop today to keep your BMW running like a dream.