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Car Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Car Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

In the heart of Ontario, where the landscapes are beautiful, but the winter weather can be fierce, fall becomes a signal for car owners. A signal to roll up their sleeves and ensure their vehicles are ready to tackle the coming chill. As the trusted voice in Lincoln Township, we've put together a checklist based on expert advice from Canada Drives. Let's get that car winter-ready.


Wiper Blades – Your Winter's Best Friend 

Over the sunny months, your wiper blades have had quite the workout. And believe us; they'll be your trusty sidekicks during Ontario's snow showers and sleet. So, every fall, give them a refresh. Don't let a sudden snowstorm catch you off-guard with a wiper malfunction. They're cost-effective, and a DIY installation is a breeze—just ensure you pick the right size.


The Often-Forgotten Spare Tire 


Hidden in your trunk or adorning the rear of your SUV, the spare tire can be an unsung hero during winter emergencies. Remember, for every 10-degree temperature drop, your tires lose some air. Keep them inflated, not just the main four but the spare as well. Your vehicle manual holds the key to the right pressure.


Equip with the Right Washer Fluid 


Those messy splashes from slushy roads? You'll need a robust washer fluid to combat them. Fall is the perfect time to ensure you're stocked up with winter-friendly fluid. However, balance is key—too much antifreeze might tarnish your car's shiny paint.


The Vital Engine Filters 


Ontario's leaf-laden fall is a beauty to witness but can be hard on your car's air filters. Clogged filters can strain your engine, causing a dip in performance and fuel efficiency. Make it a fall ritual to check and, if needed, replace them. Your car will thank you with smooth rides even on the coldest days.


Battery Connections – The Winter Lifeline 


Winter and battery problems can be a notorious duo. Ensure your battery connections are free from corrosion, ready to provide that spark on the frostiest mornings. If you spot corrosion, a simple brush designed for the job can work wonders. If DIY isn't your thing, your local Lincoln Township Motors is always ready to help.


Bonus: Keep Those Headlights Shining Bright


As we brace for earlier sunsets, the spotlight (literally) falls on headlights. Check them periodically, and stock up on replacement bulbs. A bright path in the dark winter evenings not only ensures you enjoy the view but also keeps you safe on the road.


Come Down to Lincoln Township Motors


At Lincoln Township Motors, we believe that a well-maintained car is a symbol of pride and safety. With our picturesque Ontario fall in full swing, now's the time to tick off these maintenance tasks. And as the maple leaves turn golden and the air gets crisp, you can drive confidently, knowing your car is winter-ready. Safe travels, Lincoln Township!


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