Back to School Specials at Lincoln Township Motors

Back to School Specials

At Lincoln Township Motors, we offer more than just our used inventory, as we always cater special vehicles to help our customers and their families meet their transportation needs. As the time comes for students to begin or return to school, it is time to look for the vehicle that will serve them well and safely transport them during their commutes. Our selection of back-to-school specials offers competitive prices, stylish exteriors, a modern interior, low mileage, and excellent reliability. Regardless if you are from Beamsville, Ontario, or Grimbsy, Niagara, Lincoln, St Catharines, Burlington, Hamilton, or Stoney Creek, we have the perfect vehicle for your youngster.

Vehicles Under $10,000 For Back To School

Our selection of vehicles that are available as specials for back to school meets the needs of younger drivers. These models are low mileage and are relatively newer, providing loads of value for years to come, and they provide excellent safety. As a parent, you want the best for your youngster going back to school, which is why we specifically chose fuel-efficient models to keep gas costs down. We kept other characteristics in mind while selecting these models, including manoeuvrability, size, and easy parking. You will find that these vehicles are very easy to drive, making them an excellent option for young drivers, and they also have low maintenance costs, further enhancing their appeal. Make sure to reach out to our dealership and ask which incentives or rebates are offered for the specific model that interests you.

Benefits Of Buying a Used Vehicle For Students

Buying the right vehicle for your young adult going to school can sometimes be challenging since many options are available on the market, varying in many aspects. Some vehicles that seem to be a good deal sometimes have higher maintenance costs, and they are sensitive to neglect, making them an undesirable option for a young driver. Used vehicles tend to be the best option since your young one will most likely have to park near the school where other young drivers will also be parking, increasing the chance of scratches and bumps. If you are looking for the best-used vehicle for a student, you will want to check out our back-to-school-specials since these models are specifically picked to be well-rounded choices for students. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing that the vehicle you choose for your young student is sensible and safe.

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When it comes time to buy your young adult the perfect vehicle to suit their school and daily needs, make sure to visit our dealership. We strive to go above and beyond during every interaction, making us the ideal dealership to visit in Beamsville, Ontario, and the surrounding areas for all your automotive needs. Come in and check out everything these models offer, and take your desired model for a test drive to experience how easy and manoeuvrable it is on the road. If you have any questions about any of our models or inquiries about vehicle availability, don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly associates are eager to help you find the best model that suits your budget and specific requirements.

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