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When to Swap Winter Tires

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When to Swap Winter Tires

Quality winter tires greatly improve vehicle stability on roads drenched in slushy snow and ice. Winter tires consist of a softer rubber than summer tires. The rubber of winter tires maintains optimal tire flexibility when temperatures drop, enhancing the grip and controlled handling. Winter tires also have special, deep grooves that channel away water and snow while enhancing grip in wintery road conditions. However, it's also important to know when to take off winter tires to prevent excessive wear and tear due to hotter temperatures. Visit our dealership to browse our inventory of vehicles and inquire about the various services available that can support your vehicle ownership.

Best Time to Swap Your Winter Tires

Our Lincoln Township Motors Service Centre experts recommend swapping out winter tires when Beamsville, Ontario, temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius. It's a fact that winter tires perform better than all-season tires and summer tires when the temperature is 7 degrees Celsius or lower. But when the temperature rises above 7 degrees Celsius, you should swap your tires for all-season or summer tires. It's also good to have your tires rotated regularly to ensure even wear of tread patterns across all four tires. Rotating and swapping tires prepares your vehicle to handle itself safely and efficiently on the road.

Schedule a Service Appointment

Contact us at our Service Centre for more information or schedule a service appointment today. In general, it's a great idea to put winter tires on your vehicle when colder temperatures, ice, and snow cover the roads. The soft rubber of winter tires maintains a degree of malleability, gripping the surfaces of cold roads while sluicing away precipitation. Once the weather and climate change, you will want to schedule an appointment with our dealership to install the right type of tires to match the driving season.